When we launched in the Summer 2019, we wanted to create a responsible business that centers around fair livelihood opportunities to the gifted artisans on the island of Bali. We have taken the long term view as we build our relationships, while respecting the natural rhythm of the people and their culture.


In the light of the pandemic that struck the world in Spring 2020, we were concerned about the broader economic impact on the island especially on young people. In many areas, social distancing and sanitation made it difficult to comply to protection guidelines and the economy and young people’s education, livelihood, and wellbeing have been impacted. 

Since we believe in true partnerships, and the impact of local organizations that understand the context and have the right solutions to the pressing problems, we decided to allocate 5% of our profits to: ROLE, and The East Bali Poverty Project (EBPP), in coordination with EMpower – The Emerging Markets Foundation - an international grantmaking organization.

Both ROLE and EBPP are well-known and trusted in the communities of Bali recognizing significant numbers of people which were excluded from the prosperous, tourism-driven economy and living in poverty. Both organisations support impoverished, marginalised and at-risk girls and young women. ROLE does this through vocational training in tourism and hospitality as well as life skills training. EBPP offers a very holistic youth empowerment program which was refined over time based on needs with regards to elements on gender or prevention of early pregnancy and early/child marriage.

The ultimate aim is to enhance the youth’s self-development, encourage them to stay in school and be better prepared to access the job market.  

Learn why it matters with our latest update on Indonesia and the most recent developments with the two partners. 


In 2021 we started to offset our carbon footprin! Because ...
The impact of the fashion industry on the ancient forests around the world is devastating and critical to carbon sinks. The extent in which this primary and vital source is used for consumer goods threatens biodiversity and ultimately accelerates global warming.

In partnership with Health in Harmony we offset our carbon footprint and assume our responsibility to the rewilding of our planet.

Our tree planting effort in Indonesian Borneo is about more than carbon. Our trees increase access to affordable healthcare, invest in women's leadership, provide sustainable jobs, and restore biodiverse ecosystems.

The ripple effect of our choices is a powerful investment in our collective future.

Thank you for supporting our business.

Lucie ♡


(Updated July 2022)