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Who is l u • c i e e ?

l u • c i e e is a woman led sustainable fashion and lifestyle brand.

Since 2019 we design and produce eco-conscious styles carefully crafted from natural materials with a focus on purposeful and clean design, subtle texture and minimal detailing. All confirming femininity, timelessness and minimalism as an integral part of the l u • c i e e framework.

The defining pillar of l u • c i e e is to encourage thoughtful and conscious consumption, shifting the paradigm of Fast Fashion towards one of Fashion For Good.  Our production is driven by customer demand to ensure that we don't overproduce and ultimately don't create garment waste. Equally important is our commitment to uphold heritage craftsmenship and provide a fair and non-negotiated source of income to the gifted artisan partners we work with, allocate percentage of our profits to young people in Bali in partnership with local NGO's and offset our carbon footprint by planting trees in Indonesian Borneo.

To read more about our collective impact, please visit 'Our Commitment' page.

We are beyond grateful to you for supporting our mission with your purchase and thus making a powerful statement in our collective future and the well-being of our planet.

Thank you!


Hi, my name is Lucie, and I am the mother of  l u • c i e e. 

I am not a designer by trade and my path to launching my business has been somewhat extraordinary. I grew up in a communist country, where I didn’t see excess or choice and I couldn’t seek the latest fashion. As a teenager, I started to design my own timeless classics or up-cycled my mother's wardrobe.

The philosophy of timeless minimalism is now at the very heart of l u • c i e e.

Aged 20 I based myself in London to study International Relations. Little did I know that my decision to part with the familiar to embrace the new would lead to a decade-long and fulfilling career in Europe and Asia, supporting adolescent youth around the world.  

What lies behind l u • c i e e is not an ambition to make a mark in the fashion industry ... the reason I do what I do is that 'I care'.

I care to live a slow-er life.

I care to be connected to nature.

I care for most of things to be minimal yet rich.

I care to provide fair livelihood opportunity to the women and men I work with on this island, and away.

I care to build strong human connections, partnerships and join in collaborative efforts with like-minded businesses.

I care to inspire other women to make meaningful purchases.

I care to play my role in shifting the paradigm of fast fashion towards a conscious consumption.

Occasionally, I care to dip my feet in sand and hug the Earth with my toes.


As someone wise once said: Your life is the sum of all your experiences.


stay soft. It looks beautiful on you