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Who is l u • c i e e ?

l u • c i e e is a woman led sustainable fashion and lifestyle start-up.

Launched in August 2019 we design and produce eco-conscious collections, carefully crafted from raw materials and unique embroideries. We offer a range of high-quality ready-to-wear pieces that reflect the beauty of minimalism and femininity. l u • c i e e produces in small batches outside seasonal trends, intentionally slowing down fashion.

The fashion industry is the second largest polluter in the world, closely following big oil companies. Some fast fashion brands develop upwards of fifty collections a year launching products once a week. This results in 80% of discarded textiles globally being doomed for the landfill.

The only way to stop making more than we need is to only make what we sell and flip the supply chain on its head. At l u • c i e e, we are committed to minimizing environmental impact. Production quantities are consumer-driven and fabric waste is negligible. Our production centers around fair livelihood opportunities for gifted artisans in Indonesia. 

We chose to collaborate with like-minded individuals and business to spread the slow and sustainable fashion movement and encourage women to consume thoughtfully for a harmonious and balanced relationship with The Earth.

Thank you for being one of these women. 



Hi, my name is Lucie, and I am the mother of  l u • c i e e. 

I am not a designer by trade and my path to launching my business has been somewhat extraordinary. I grew up in a communist country, where I didn’t see excess or choice and I couldn’t seek the latest fashion. As a teenager I made my own clothes using fabrics available in one of the two stores in my city, or up-cycled my mother's wardrobe - yes this concept is not new.

Aged 20 I based myself in London to study International Relations. Little did I know that my decision to part with the familiar to embrace the new would lead to a decade-long and fulfilling career in Europe and Asia, supporting adolescent youth around the world.  

What lies behind l u • c i e e is not an ambition to make a mark in the fashion industry ... the reason I do what I do is that 'I care'.

I care to live a slow-er life.

I care to be connected to nature.

I care for most of things to be minimal yet rich.

I care to provide fair livelihood opportunity to the women and men I work with on this island, and away.

I care to build strong human connections, partnerships and join in collaborative efforts with like-minded businesses.

I care to inspire other women to make meaningful purchases.

I care to play my role in shifting the paradigm of fast fashion towards a conscious consumption.

Occasionally, I care to dip my feet in sand and hug the Earth with my toes.


Your life is the sum of all your experiences.

Welcome to our conscious family.


stay soft. It looks beautiful on you