Garment Care

l u • c i e e pieces are sustainably made using natural fibres. Hours of delicate handwork go into each piece, making each one unique and different from the rest.

We ask you to please be kind with your garment when washing. We recommend you  avoid rough and abrasive surfaces and hand wash or machine wash cold with care, separately or with like colours to keep each garment looking good for longer. We pre-wash our fabrics and suggest you do not tumble dry your items, as that could result in the material losing it’s quality and possible (though unlikely) shrinkage; air dry or line dry in the shade only.

When washing, please choose pH neutral soaps and eco friendly detergents as they are lighter on the planet. Color variations are to be expected and are not a defect, change is natural and if the color does shift, it is all part of the clothing's natural progression and life cycle. By embracing this process, together we are making a difference to better our Earth.

If you’re conscious about your clothing - following these care instructions should keep your items in great condition.

We rely on local supply of trims and accessories. Since we produce in small batches, it does happen that trims like buttons shown on photos, are not available or discontinue completely. We reserve the right, to use slight variations from time to time, and intend to source the best alternatives.