Founder Testimony

Founder Testimony

I am not a designer by trade and my path to launching l u • c i e e has been somewhat extraordinary.... I grew up in a communist country, I didn’t see excess or choice and I couldn’t seek the latest fashion.. As a teenager I made my own clothes using fabrics available in one of the two stores in my city or up-cycled my mother's wardrobe - yes this concept is not new.

Fast forward many years, a fulfilling career that has allowed me to travel the world, moving countries and cities, here I am today on the island of Gods designing and producing my own capsule collection. Not because I have any ambition to make my mark in the fashion industry ..... simply because I care. I selfishly care about the life I want to lead, I care about the connections I build, I care about our mother Earth , I care about the beautiful people that cross my path, and I care about the origin of what I eat, and what I wear ....

Your life is the sum of all your experiences

Welcome to our little family

Lucie xx