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What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing with l u • c i e e allows Social Media Influencers, Bloggers, and industry-relevant sites to earn a commission by referring users to l u • c i e e. Affiliates can earn a commission for every purchase originating from their platform through the affiliate links or codes provided by l u • c i e e.

Why l u • c i e e?

Our brand offers the very best in eco-conscious and sustainable fashion for women, designed and produced in Indonesia.

Why become a l u • c i e e Affiliate?

l u • c i e e provides up to 15% commission based on net sales. This means that you as an affiliate marketer will get up to 15% of the net total item price. Since our collections appeal to a specific conscious customer, it’s actually a product that sells itself. All you have to do is provide exposure to that specific niche audience, via platforms of your own choosing. The target market is defined by 5 main interests:

  • Slow and sustainable fashion
  • Ethical fashion
  • Conscious consumption
  • Travel and nature
  • Craft and design

If your audience has interest in any 2 of these, there’s a very good chance that you could start earning commissions just by sharing a little about what we do and posting the link to our website.


    We take good care of our affiliates and want to help them reach their goals. If you need photos, videos, texts, info, incentives or anything else to market our brand, we’re here to help.

    You can always write to for support.

    Look forward to spreading the 'slow fashion' philosophy together with you.

    Lucie and the team